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Jags waived Paul Smith for throw pre-season pick, having generic name

Jags waived Paul Smith for throwing pre-season pick, having generic name

Former TU quarterback Paul Smith was cut by Jacksonville this week, ending a brief career in the NFL. Smith tossed a pick in a pre-season game against Philly and got the ax.

You know Smith will open an insurance office or a travel agency or a Monavie outlet somewhere here in Tulsa. I say by November.

“Have your car covered by No. 12! State Farm and Paul Smith! Perfect pass and catch with your coverage!


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KTUL’s Burt Mummolo kind of seems like the 1920s reporter that wore a fedora with a placard in his brim that read “PRESS” … what with the terse delivery and the “Seabiscuit moves to the high side” type vocal he brings to stories.

That being said, I’m not sure to what to make of this report on clay shooting. Perhaps Burt’s revealing a clandestine fetish, coining a term for his new pudding party, or giving a shout-out to http://www.puddingshowers.com

If there are large plastic sheets in the back of Mummolo’s car, I’m officially creeped out.

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Since the Tulsa World’s Bill Haisten can’t call O-State coaches or players for an interview until Aug. 31, Ray Parker, Jr. has a suggestion.

Question? Why is Chevy Chase (in a particularly embarrassing moment at 1:24) in this video?

So … who you gonna call when you see Byron Houston beating off on Northwest Expressway, or Eddie Sutton is stumbling to his car with a bottle of Doers, of if you see Gundy pricing no-stick mousse at Target?

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The orange paranoids like me are convinced Gundy issued an OSU football gag order because Zac Robinson’s hamstring is tighter than Gundy’s sideburns.

Why else would he ban the media, including the Dallas Morning News who came to Stillwater to do a Cowboy profile, until a week before the UGA game? Because he doesn’t want to answer questions about Zac’s hammy?

Get ready for Brandon Weeden, who probably wears a striped shirt and Colin Farrell wrist bracelet under his uniform. If Zac is hurt, EVERYTHING about this season is different. No Top 10. No cover of SI. No more gel!!!!

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Since everyone obviously hates the song that son of douche wrote for the OSU Football games (“Cowboyz 4Eva!”), I think Mike Holder should consider the above. Picture Robert Allen dancing in place of the flaming dude at the end of the video … and BP Stadium will be like Memorial Stadium last year when “House of Pain” came on in last year’s OU-Texas Tech game.

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That man was Gundy.

That man was Gundy.

It is SOOO early August to be concerned about the season opener against Georgia. I’m already eyeing the second game against Houston. Shouldn’t Poke fans be worried? I know its hard to tell without watching either team play a game.

But say OSU beats Georgia. That same week, Houston plays Northwestern State.

Presumbably, UH head coach Kevin Sumlin is prepping for BOTH squads before the season. Meanwhile, Gundy and his staff have their heads so buried in Cox (that’s Joe Cox) and the rest of the Bulldogs they know how Uga’s semen tastes. Should OSU throttle Georgia, they’re inevitably due for a letdown in Week 2. Enter Houston for the upset.

Just saying …

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Greinke is Gundy without the lettuce

Greinke is Gundy without the lettuce

Royal pitcher (and the only reason to follow the Royals) Zack Greinke set a team record with 15Ks last night in a win over Cleveland. And the young man bares a vague resemblence to the Supreme Maker, Mike Gundy.

Greinke was three steps from the nuthouse in 2006. I remember going to a Tulsa Driller game when they were playing the Wichita Wranglers, Kansas City’s Double-A team.

Greinke, who’d been placed on the DL by the Royals with emotional issues, was in Tulsa following the Wranglers. He wasn’t really playing. He was just traveling with the team.

Anyway, he’s sitting behind home plate charting pitches. And there were moments you would just sit and stare into the sky for 30-second counts, not aware of the game or surroundings. Just staring. He didn’t seem socially capable of talking with any of the other pitchers sitting around him, he had this hang-dog look on his face. Really looked like sad kid away from home for the first time.

Now, much like Cool Hand Luke, he’s got his mind right. Thanks be to Zack. For being awesome and looking like Gundy so his achievements warranted mention.

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